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Bonjour et bienvenue sur YSF-France (Sysop F1PTL)

Informations sur les passerelles dans l'onglet System Info

Avertissement: Passerelle DVSYSF vers NXDN muted (Modification logiciel Interco, Sysop F1PTL) Avertissement: Blocage de la passerelle BM2082 (Demande BM-France du 19/09/2021)
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System Info
Passerelles YSF-France:
  • La passerelle TG20800 BrandMeister est inactive (BM2082)
  • La passerelle TG20800 IPSC2-France3 est active (YSF-IPSC)
  • La passerelle C4FM EUROPELINK DGID-12 est active (FR-LINK)
  • La passerelle F1ZLK Link ASL (Node 515391) est active (F1ZLK-ASL)
  • La passerelle NXDN-France inactive entre 17h et 23h59 (DVSYSF)
  • La passerelle YSF-Linux-FR active entre 19h et 23h59 (YSF-LINUX)
  • La passerelle XLX933-Y est active (YSF-XLX)
  • Version:
  • Built:
  • Temperature: 65 °C
  • Frequency: 1.8 MHz
  • Usage: 40 %
  • Last Minute:
  • Last 5 Minutes:
  • Last 15 Minutes:
  • Total: MB
  • Used: MB
  • Free: MB
  • Usage: %
  • Total: GB
  • Used: GB
  • Free: GB
  • Usage: %
About the Dashboard

This Dashboard uses websockets-technology to transfer data from host to client. It actually uses the logfile of the YSFReflector by G4KLX to get the entries into the different tables.

If you have any ideas or issues feel free to leave a comment/issue in github.